We Love our Cricket

We Love our Cricket

Cricket is Australia's favourite sport - so let's play!
Cricketers often become friends and competitors, finding themselves meeting hundreds of people over the years as they travel to competitions locally, nationally, and internationally. Come play with us!

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Why Play Cricket?

Why Play Cricket?

Cricket, the world's second most popular spectator sport, can provide a fun way for children and adults of all ages to stay or get in shape. Cricket improves speed, agility, flexibility and reflexes; it increases concentration, the ability to think strategically and to utilize decision-making skills

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Find us on MyCricket

Find us on MyCricket

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Ist Grade – Washout

3rd Grade – MFCC 6/121  vs Tahmoor 105

4th Grade – Washout

5th Grade – Washout

6th Grade – Washout

8th Grade – Washout


We are building up our new site with direct links to register online, read posts and follow the news that’s happening with the club.
The new site is http://macfieldscricket.club/
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Feel free also to join us on facebook. You will find the link to the FB page at top left of page.
Look for the ‘F’ above the title on the site

Alternatively..here’s a link to macfieldscricket on Facebook

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